Employment Opportunities U.S. Department of Energy

North Wind Portage, Inc., is the Remedial Action Contractor and S&K Logistics Services, LLC, is the Technical Assistance Contractor to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Moab UMTRA Project. Wood and Nielson Construction are teaming partners with North Wind Portage, and Pro2Serve is a teaming partner with S&K Logistics Services.

Positions that are currently open for the Moab Project are accessible from this web page and can be heard by calling the Moab Project toll free at 1-800-637-4575, option 2.

North Wind Portage currently has the following open positions:

<empty> Security Guard (Moab, UT)
<empty> Mechanic (Moab, UT)
<empty> Laborer (Crescent Junction, UT)

Wood currently has the following open position:

<empty> Security Guard (Moab and Crescent Junction, UT)

Nielson Construction currently has the following open position:

<empty> Truck Driver (Moab, UT)

Pro2Serve currently has no open positions.

For federal positions, apply online at www.usajobs.gov.

For North Wind Portage, Inc., positions, apply online at northwindgrp.com.

For Wood positions, apply online at www.woodplc.com.

For Nielson Construction positions, see contact information at www.nielsonconstruction.com.

For S&K Logistics Services, LLC, positions, apply online at www.sklogisticsservices.com.

For Pro2Serve positions, apply online at www.p2s.com

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