Characterization U.S. Department of Energy

The following documents provide information on various characterization efforts conducted at the Moab Project site.

Bullet Drilling Completion Report (June 2010)
Bullet Northeastern Uranium Plume Investigation Report (January 2012)
Bullet Water Quality Study Plan (March 2007)
Bullet Fall 2006 Assessment of Matheson Wetlands Hydrogeology and Ground Water Chemistry (March 2007)
Bullet Phase I Microbial Characterization of Moab UMTRA Project Groundwater Interim Action (October 2006)
Bullet Ground Water/Surface Water Interaction Update (March 2006)
Bullet Ground Water/Surface Water Interaction for the Moab, Utah, Site (March 2005)
Bullet Calculation of Ground-Water and Contaminant-Mass Flows at Selected Locations at the Moab Site (May 2004)
Bullet Site Observational Work Plan (December 2003)
Bullet Colorado River Migration Letter Report (November 2003)
Bullet Aquifer Test Data Analyses (Phase II, Part 2) – January 2003
Bullet Determination of Subpile Soil Concentrations (January 2003)
Bullet Tailings Seepage (January 2003)
Bullet Alluvial Aquifer Vibrating Wire Piezometers (December 2002)
Bullet Soil Conductivity Investigation Results (November 2002)
Bullet Aquifer Test Data Analyses (Phase II, Part 1) – October 2002
Bullet Lithologic, Well Construction, and Field Sampling Results from the 2002 Field Investigation (October 2002)
Bullet Characterization of Groundwater Brine Zones at the Moab Project Site (Phase I) – June 2002
Sensitivity Analysis of Groundwater Flow and Transport Models Letter Report (June 2002)
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