Remedial Action Plan U.S. Department of Energy

In July 2008, DOE recieved conditional concurrence from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on the Final Remedial Action Plan and Site Design for Stabilization of Moab Title I Uranium Mill Tailings at the Crescent Junction, Utah, Disposal Site.

As portions of the Remedial Action Plan are revised, the most current version will be posted on this web page.

Bullet Remedial Action Selection Report
    Bullet Addendum A: DOE Responses to NRC Comments
    Bullet Addendum B: Final Design Specifications
    Bullet Addendum C: Final Design Drawings
    Bullet Addendum D: Final Design Calculations
    Bullet Addendum E: Remedial Action Inspection Plan (RAIP)
    Bullet Addendum F: Fremont Junction Rock Source Data
  Bullet Attachment 1: Draft RAP Disposal Cell Design Specifications
  Bullet Attachment 2: Geology
  Bullet Attachment 3: Ground Water Hydrology
  Bullet Attachment 4: Water Resource Protection
  Bullet Attachment 5: Field and Laboratory Results,
Volume I - Appendix A through Appendix K
  Bullet Attachment 5: Field and Laboratory Results,
Volume II - Appendix L through Appendix N
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