Colorado River Flooding U.S. Department of Energy

Each spring, Ground Water Program personnel monitor the snowpack in the upper Colorado River Basin and the peak spring runoff forecast on the Colorado River. The Colorado River Basin Forecast Center periodically updates the projected flow. The flow rate for the Moab site is measured at the nearest official gage (at Cisco, Utah).

As of June 29, the river stage had dropped to 10,700 cubic feet per second (cfs) and is anticipated to continue dropping. The river flow reached 27,100 cfs on June 10 and is considered the likely peak flow for this year. The river flooded a portion of the Moab site north of Moab Wash and west of the riverbank. This area will remain flooded for a few more weeks.

Although the river flow was not high enough this year to inundate the well field area near the southeastern base of the tailings pile, there is a series of three berms along this area designed to protect the pile from the impact of floodwaters.

Project staff implemented actions in accordance with the Flood Mitigation Plan in anticipation of the river flow approaching 15,000 cfs. Additional actions did not become necessary.

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